Rugby Dog Grooming

Home from Home Grooming Care for your Best Friend 

At Rugby Dog Grooming, you will be welcomed with a smile and a thorough consultation about both you and your dogs needs to determine the best style to suit your dog and your lifestyle.

Any concerns are mentioned at this point and a form filled in to ensure I have all the information I need to look after your pet.

Your dog will be prepped for bathing and then taken to my stainless steel adjustable bath, perfect for dogs large, small, old and young, where they will be shampooed using the best products appropriate for your dog. A gentle towel dry concludes this step of grooming. 

Your dog will be dried with a blaster/dry with adjustable heat settings to remove the majority of the water from their coat.

I will then transfer your dog to my adjustable grooming table with a rubber grip top to help steady your pet and make him/her feel safe and stable.

Extra styling/conditioning products are added as required before drying your dog by hand with a smaller hand dryer.

The full grooming process is completed here including nail trimming, ear cleaning, coat clipping, scissoring, styling and finishing. 

Ta Dah! A fresh, clean groomed pup complete with a handmade bow on the collar and a nice spritz of pet cologne, ready to show you their new hair cut!

The salon has that living room feel which will make your dogs feel very much at home in a relaxed environment.